Word Tasting

Thus, then, shall you observe the fasting which you intend to keep. First of all, be on your guard against every evil word, and every evil desire, and purify your heart from all the vanities of this world. If you guard against these things, your fasting will be perfect [The (Book III, Similitude 5)]

In measured and deliberate thoughts, associate feelings and states of consciousness with the words below.

            dependent upon God

Reflect. Contemplate and note what each word evokes, what image it bring to your mind.

To complete the exercise, repeat the process while fasting. Compare your responses under the two conditions.

Does fasting affect the taste of the words, your thoughts?

Narrated AbuYa’la ibn Shaddad ibn Aws: The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: A wise person is one who keeps a watch over his bodily desires and passions, and checks himself from that which is harmful and strives for that which will benefit him after death; and a foolish person is one who subordinates himself to his cravings and desires and expects from God the fulfilment of his futile desires.  [Transmitted by Tirmidhi. 16]

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